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Happiness, Health & Relationship Coaching (and speaking)

Edward, “America’s Happiness coach” with America’s number one wealth coach, JT Foxx (April 2017)

Hi, I’m Edward Southwick, author of “The 10 Habits of Happy People” and developer of the HQ Happiness Quotient concept and its introduction in my book published nationally in Japan in 1998. 

I’ve done personal Happiness coaching and seminars all over Japan. I’m now continuing this work in America where I also do Health and Relationship coaching. I’ve devoted my life to discovering superior ways to improve happiness, health and relationships.

And unlike many life coaches who’s personal lives are greatly lacking, my life actually is truly great in all three of these all important areas of human happiness. It’s my privilege and joy to share what I know with you. You’re overall true quality of life can greatly improve (and very quickly). Let me show you how.

Edward at age 60 (Gold in 400 meters at Huntsman World Senior Games)

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Let me show you how.

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Most of you visiting this site are probably hard working and relatively accomplished individuals. Some of you are already above the $75,000 a year income level after which there is usually no measurable difference in daily felt happiness (see conclusion of 2 happiness studies including the 450,000 person survey results below). ​ So, although you may not realize it, some of you already have at least the material part of the “American Dream”– but has it really made you happy?

Why are you still dissatisfied and stressing for more? And even for you who make much less, but still have enough food and a place to live- when will you allow yourself to feel happy?. At what income or asset level will you finally feel happy and satisfied? When will everything be “just right” so you can enjoy and feel happy?..(many desire w.hat you already have!).

1 minute video- America’s “Happiness Coach” also teaches “Half of Age Super Health”
You MUST improve your HQ Happiness Quotient to be able to feel more happiness. Feeling more happiness is an actual skill!.

Although you may feel otherwise, your problem probably isn’t not having more money or success (there are many people with less money than you who are very happy and even feel rich), and there are many people with much more wealth and even fame who are very stressed and unhappy. So, isn’t it time you figured out what actually WILL make and keep you happy?

We all know the definition of insanity, yet most of us continue to do the same things and think the same thoughts hoping to capture and maintain those elusive feelings of happiness.

Many of you probably have a relatively high IQ- Intelligence Quotient which has been helpful in obtaining the money making skills and success you already have. Many of you also probably have a reasonably high EQ- Emotional Quotient (you’re in pretty good control of your emotions and self disciplined at least when it comes to working hard).

Now what about your HQ- Happiness Quotient? Do you have a high degree of intelligence about happiness and the ability/skills to actually feel happy most of the time? Probably not. Most people don’t know what really makes people happy and allows them to maintain happiness. Unfortunately, most schools don’t teach classes on happiness, although some top Universities now do; and in fact, the happiness course at Harvard is the most popular class on campus.

So let’s get logical! If you want to learn how to become a great carpenter, learn from a master carpenter. If you want to learn how to make a lot of money, learn from someone who has accomplished that. If you want to learn how to feel happy, learn from the happiest people. For the past 30 plus years I’ve dedicated my life to doing just that (and to keeping myself in great shape). Besides all of the books, seminars and research I’ve done, I’ve interviewed over 50 exceptionally happy people. I learned what thinking, attitudes and actions they do.

I can’t go into even a small fraction here about all of the insightful and useful happiness information I’ve obtained, but I will tell you this, happiness is a choice; but it’s also a skill and it must be developed. The happiest people have learned how to be happy and appreciate and savor each moment (and happiness classes have been proven to increase a person’s happiness level in the short term and the long term).

Some more interesting information on happiness includes the following facts:

People’s happiness level doesn’t change much beyond a moderate income. Some studies show that once basic needs are covered, and even with “poverty level” incomes around $15,000 per year, a person can be quite happy; another recent Princeton study of 450,000 people shows absolutely no improvement beyond $75,000 a year. Many other studies show that, by far, the largest determiner of our happiness level is our attitudes and thinking.

And as Hugh Downs once said, “A happy person is not a person in a certain set of circumstances, but rather a person with a certain set of attitudes.” However, these attitudes and thinking patterns must be taught in an effective way that fully convinces and causes a person to incorporate them (this is what I do). AND I’ll teach you the actual actions of the happiest people too..

I’d Love to Help

Concerning Happiness Coaching I teach and coach the following:

1st- HE Happiness Education

 this includes happiness information and research– an absolute must for figuring out what actually works, and methods to immediately increase your moment by moment happiness level to more effectively obtain that elusive happiness everyone is chasing, usually unsuccessfully. 

2nd- HQ Happiness Quotient-

how to increase your maintainable, real long term happiness level (actual Happiness Quotient which greatly improves your overall Quality of Life).

3rd- HL Happy Life-

design the ideal, balanced, healthy and happy Life for you personally, full of enjoyable activities (things that give you real “happiness bang for your buck”) AND the all important RELATIONSHIP area too.

4th- HM Happy Money-

Teach how to use your money to get maximum “happiness bang for your buck” especially for better, more enjoyable RELATIONSHIPS. “Happy Money” is meant to bring you and others happiness. 

Remember, to be truly “Successful” the following 4 components are necessary (we work on all 4):


(one that is healthy, without pain and with sufficient energy etc.)


(one that is balanced, focused and capable of really feeling and maintaining happiness) 


 (sufficient to enjoy, and knowing how to best use it)


(someone to enjoy and share with, and who will progress with you)

Happiness, Health & Relationship Coaching (and speaking)

For the many of you living in stress and dissatisfaction and even those of you who consider yourselves fairly happy and healthy, you’ll be surprised at what a huge, positive difference overall happiness coaching and education will make in your life.

So I hope you will contact me and ask questions about the benefits of Happiness, Health & Relationship coaching for you. I personally guarantee that it will be the most productive time you’ve spent in a long time, probably in your entire life- and besides greatly improving your personal happiness, health and relationships, you may end up making a lot more money too.

Let’s improve your TRUE quality of life (your daily “FELT QUALITY”). How can you be truly rich if you don’t actually feel rich. Although I was born with hereditary ‘low happiness traits’, I can attest that HQ education and training has dramatically increased my happiness level. For over 20 years I’m certain I’ve been much happier (and healthier) than the vast majority of people including the super wealthy and famous. Even much lower income level people can do this, but especially if you already have enough for a moderate retirement or make over $75,000 a year, you can do this relatively easily (and you don’t need to be any richer to do it).

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Daniel M.

June 2019 (Nevada) After hearing Edward give a short presentation on his Happiness and self-improvement group lessons it piqued my curiosity and got me questioning my latest stalled plans for my own happiness. It was truly a very bad time in my life (I was in despair and depressed) so I knew I had to do something. His short explanation about his group lessons and a brief talk with him afterwards gave me some hope, and he saw things in me that I didn't, and through some group lessons and personal coaching he was definitely able to bring out the best in me. Edward has given me the tools and steered me into a much better direction to build the foundation for a much better life and happier way of thinking no matter what the situation is at the time. In more concrete terms, I am healthier now and so amazingly happy, and even my financial situation has gotten better. With his guidance my life is now on a much better path than it has been in many years and I can't put into words or say enough how thankful I am for the help he has given me in the last few months. If I were you out there reading this, I would strongly recommend that you give him a call and put some trust not only in Edward but also in yourself, and you'll be amazed at the positive changes you can make with his coaching... and it keeps getting better.

Tim N. Colorado

I started personal life coaching with Edward about a year ago. At that time I was really struggling, feeling very down and in particular about a relationship I'd lost and couldn't seem to get past. I hadn't really been confident before either, but I was at a new low on confidence and self-esteem then. I really didn't believe I could ever get a relationship again, and certainly not one nearly as good as I'd had. So my life was pretty much on hold and I was very busy with my job and I wasn't really taking care of my health either.
Edward got me exercising more effectively and eating much more healthily, and I've lost weight and am in great shape now. But the biggest thing was how he was able to motivate me, especially in dating and really increase my confidence and get me to realize and use my strong points. In the beginning he coached me a lot on how to present myself and talk etc. I went from no dates to starting to get dates with woman around my age but that I wasn't necessarily that attracted to, to dating some my age who I was more interested in, and lately with even more confidence I've been able to now actually find and maintain a really great relationship with a much younger, attractive and smart woman. I couldn't have even imagined this before. I am so much happier, healthier and with this great relationship now. Even if you don't think your life can change I strongly recommend you give Edward a try.

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