Edward’s book, BECOME A HAPPINESS MILLIONAIRE TODAY! is available on amazon.com on Jan. 31, 2024 

Edward has done many Happiness (and Health) speeches in Japan and America for small to large companies including Amazon.

NOTE: 1-Harvard & Yale now have a Happiness course which is their most popular course.

2- Happiness courses are found to increase your base happiness level even years later whereas the average person who wins a million dollar lottery will go back to their basic happiness level within 1 year.

​I believe speaking about and learning how to be happy is the most valuable skill we can learn (every bit as important as learning how to make money) AND being healthy is equally important. My life work is to help people become MUCH happier and healthier. I teach how to obtain “Happy mind, Happy body and even Happy money”, all 3 of which are important to be truly successful; and especially a Happy mind and Happy body (without both even a billion dollars won’t help you).

BACKGROUND: I was quite successful in real estate, but I was very unhappy and dissatisfied through my 20s. So I went on a relentless search to increase my happiness level by reading , researching and interviewing happy people. After 16 years of research on happiness and interviewing over 50 exceptionally happy people I wrote a book on happiness in 1998 that was published by a major Japanese publisher (Magazine house). I did speeches and seminars all over Japan; and I was a semi-regular on a popular tv program as well as having my own 15 minute radio spot. I currently teach a weekly group happiness course in Las Vegas (and do personal happiness/health coaching).

MY HAPPINESS SPEECHES: In my speeches I start by briefly telling how unhappy I was (even when making good money), and how greatly I improved my happiness level. In just 1 hour I can effect a powerful paradigm change in attendees. They will start feeling happier right away and will have a new and far superior understanding of happiness and how they can create it themselves NOW (and as is). They will also realize that they alone are responsible for how much happiness they feel. I give some very practical and immediately usable “happiness skills” (yes, it is an actual skill that can be greatly improved). I also show why developing the ability to feel more happiness is so very important including it’s positive effect on our health, social life and also on our job performance. Of course, I also powerfully impress the importance of the 3 major elements of overall happiness and success, Happy mind, Happy body and Happy money.

MY HEALTH SPEECHES: I go into much greater detail on health and how to obtain much higher health levels with minimal effort (I only work out twice a week for about an hour). I teach what I call “Half of Age Super Health”. I am 63 years old, but I can can run a 5:15 minute mile, do 20 pull ups etc. I teach people how to start feeling, looking and functioning much younger than their chronological age. I discuss the practical (but easily followed) ways to eat healthy and my super effective 1 hour, twice a week exercise routine. I also teach psychological methods to trick the body into performing much younger (and actually reversing it’s age). As with my happiness talks, I explain how this will greatly improve their confidence, productivity and effectiveness in their work. In both of my talks I discuss the Happy body, Happy mind and Happy money, and also inspire the audience to become the unique, superior version of themselves.

For businesses, I delve much more into the practical ways that happiness and better health improves job performance, creativity, better decision making and productivity. I give practical methods for ignoring fear (the “unreal enslaver”), and describe how I overcame my morbid fear of public speaking with just one simple but profound understanding and visualization. I teach how to use the new found happiness to be caring but more assertive, remove self-made limitations and greatly improving cooperation and job performance.

Please inquire about my speeches and seminars (for both groups and businesses).

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Daniel M.

June 2019 (Nevada) After hearing Edward give a short presentation on his Happiness and self-improvement group lessons it piqued my curiosity and got me questioning my latest stalled plans for my own happiness. It was truly a very bad time in my life (I was in despair and depressed) so I knew I had to do something. His short explanation about his group lessons and a brief talk with him afterwards gave me some hope, and he saw things in me that I didn't, and through some group lessons and personal coaching he was definitely able to bring out the best in me. Edward has given me the tools and steered me into a much better direction to build the foundation for a much better life and happier way of thinking no matter what the situation is at the time. In more concrete terms, I am healthier now and so amazingly happy, and even my financial situation has gotten better. With his guidance my life is now on a much better path than it has been in many years and I can't put into words or say enough how thankful I am for the help he has given me in the last few months. If I were you out there reading this, I would strongly recommend that you give him a call and put some trust not only in Edward but also in yourself, and you'll be amazed at the positive changes you can make with his coaching... and it keeps getting better.

Tim N. Colorado

I started personal life coaching with Edward about a year ago. At that time I was really struggling, feeling very down and in particular about a relationship I'd lost and couldn't seem to get past. I hadn't really been confident before either, but I was at a new low on confidence and self-esteem then. I really didn't believe I could ever get a relationship again, and certainly not one nearly as good as I'd had. So my life was pretty much on hold and I was very busy with my job and I wasn't really taking care of my health either.
Edward got me exercising more effectively and eating much more healthily, and I've lost weight and am in great shape now. But the biggest thing was how he was able to motivate me, especially in dating and really increase my confidence and get me to realize and use my strong points. In the beginning he coached me a lot on how to present myself and talk etc. I went from no dates to starting to get dates with woman around my age but that I wasn't necessarily that attracted to, to dating some my age who I was more interested in, and lately with even more confidence I've been able to now actually find and maintain a really great relationship with a much younger, attractive and smart woman. I couldn't have even imagined this before. I am so much happier, healthier and with this great relationship now. Even if you don't think your life can change I strongly recommend you give Edward a try.

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