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Daniel M.

After hearing Edward give a short presentation on his Happiness and self-improvement group lessons it piqued my curiosity and got me questioning my latest stalled plans for my own happiness. It was truly a very bad time in my life (I was in despair and depressed) so I knew I had to do something. His short explanation about his group lessons and a brief talk with him afterwards gave me some hope, and he saw things in me that I didn’t, and through some group lessons and personal coaching he was definitely able to bring out the best in me. Edward has given me the tools and steered me into a much better direction to build the foundation for a much better life and happier way of thinking no matter what the situation is at the time. In more concrete terms, I am healthier now and so amazingly happy, and even my financial situation has gotten better. With his guidance my life is now on a much better path than it has been in many years and I can’t put into words or say enough how thankful I am for the help he has given me in the last few months. If I were you out there reading this, I would strongly recommend that you give him a call and put some trust not only in Edward but also in yourself, and you’ll be amazed at the positive changes you can make with his coaching… and it keeps getting better.

Tim N. Colorado

I started personal life coaching with Edward about a year ago. At that time I was really struggling, feeling very down and in particular about a relationship I’d lost and couldn’t seem to get past. I hadn’t really been confident before either, but I was at a new low on confidence and self-esteem then. I really didn’t believe I could ever get a relationship again, and certainly not one nearly as good as I’d had. So my life was pretty much on hold and I was very busy with my job and I wasn’t really taking care of my health either.
Edward got me exercising more effectively and eating much more healthily, and I’ve lost weight and am in great shape now. But the biggest thing was how he was able to motivate me, especially in dating and really increase my confidence and get me to realize and use my strong points. In the beginning he coached me a lot on how to present myself and talk etc. I went from no dates to starting to get dates with woman around my age but that I wasn’t necessarily that attracted to, to dating some my age who I was more interested in, and lately with even more confidence I’ve been able to now actually find and maintain a really great relationship with a much younger, attractive and smart woman. I couldn’t have even imagined this before. I am so much happier, healthier and with this great relationship now. Even if you don’t think your life can change I strongly recommend you give Edward a try.

Regina Faustin

For anyone seeking a new found chance at peace, and to start over in their relationship, you should definitely give Edward’s coaching an authentic try. He genuinely cares and has a way of hearing both sides of the story through a filter of love that may have been obscured by past hurts. I know for me and my fiancé Joey, we had gotten to the place that we weren’t even speaking. Edward was able to break us through that space and with only 4 or 5 sessions (and in just 4 days!) we are back together and going strong, not only engaged again but expressing love and making changes I thought would never come to be. Everything is happening so fast! We are even making huge life decisions like moving together and nailing down our commitment on a whole new level. There’s nothing better than restoring that love – learning it never left, it was just hidden. Edward can help you find it, and also help you distinguish whether or not it’s a love that is in both parties’ best interests for the long term, which can be just as important. Plus it’s the best feeling ever to know we have Edward in our court, as individuals or together, when and if ever we need a tune up!

Michael Sundquist Utah

I have known Edward Southwick for almost 30 years and can say, without exaggeration, that he is the healthiest and most resilient person I’ve ever met. He never seems to get sick, and is always upbeat no matter what hardships he might encounter. He is truly an example of the happiness and healthy lifestyle he teaches. His relationship with his partner is inspirational, particularly in light of how much younger she is than he. I have dealt with a number of Life Coaches over the years, and have constantly found Edward to be the most logical and effective of all of them.

Experience has taught me to trust logic and reason, to not let them be overwhelmed by emotion, and to take a skeptical approach to most things. As such, I am not easily swayed by others’ ideas and advice. In spite of this, because Edward’s life and example are so compelling, I really listened when he pointed out some of the things I was doing that weren’t leading me to a better, happier life. He was able to help me see things in better proportion and perspective, which helped me to become happier,  more balanced, and truly logical in the way I live my life.

Like many of Edward’s clients, I was in a comfortable financial position when I met him, but was not using my assets in a manner that was really conductive to my overall happiness and well-being. Edward was able to analyze my situation and make me realize that it would be foolish to continue in my old and deeply ingrained ways. I am now able to more logically utilize my finances and live my life in a more balanced, happy and healthy way. He has helped me to see that my number one responsibility is to be healthy and happy. Knowing that is the best and most caring thing I can do for my family and friends. 

Marty S. Nevada

I met Edward Southwick, the happiness coach, in April 2018.  I was quite unhappy at that time and when I think about it I guess I have always been generally somewhat unhappy.  My health was good, but I was having difficulty in several areas, including with a personal relationship and with my business/finances.  As of right now, I have had 3 one-on-one sessions with Edward.  These sessions have made a HUGE difference for me. 

Edward has really helped me to put my “issues” into perspective through some powerful happiness skills like “thankful comparisons” and looking at my situations more logically. Even though I am still working to fix my issues (which will take some time), I have made quicker progress than I would have otherwise and I have a whole new positive outlook now and really do feel happier (which was really my main goal in contacting Edward).  I will continue meeting with Edward so I can continue on my quest to be an even happier person!  

Shenteria C. Las Vega

Edward has made such an unbelievable difference for me that I basically think of my life as pre-Edward and post-Edward. I’ve lost 25 pounds and I’m far healthier, happier and financially successful than I’ve ever been. I’ve also been able to make a truly great relationship now, whereas before I honestly thought that I would be single all of my life. I’ve improved in so many ways. I’ve greatly increased my emotional control, overall balance and I now think much more logically. I truly believe that Edward may be the most logical, effective and motivational life coach ever. He also taught me to be so much more effective and actually is an amazingly good business consultant too… I’m just 30, but I’ve now become a first time author and I’ve gone from making $15 an hour in my business to over $50 an hour. Edward, thank you so much!!!

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