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As a “CFLE” Certified Family Life Educator and having taught and counselled hundreds of people over the years (and also having a great deal of personal experience), I am able to coach very effectively- and I try to always incorporate Relationship advise into my Happiness coaching. While it’s true that just improving your happiness level (HQ quotient) will yield real positive effects in your relationships, there is a great deal of specific information and useful methods to find and make a great relationship.

Quality relationships are a major joy in life and are extremely conducive to one’s happiness. It is an obvious truth that sharing our lives with someone greatly increases our overall happiness level (and greatly diminishes the impact of difficult times). A first step is learning how to become happier yourself (raising your HQ Happiness Quotient) and then doing effective and specific things to improve existing relationships or learning how to find and make new relationships (the most important relationship usually being a desirable and compatible mate/partner).

Although the ideal is to find a lifelong mate, the reality is that in many cases you might only be able to find someone who may be with you for just a few years (or maybe even less). This was the case with me in 2 of my 4 long term relationships I had (including marriages). Although they didn’t last a lifetime, in each case I was able to make considerable personal progress and also considerably improve my financial situation far beyond the years that I was single. Looking for the ideal, but also changing your paradigm to possibly include shorter but mutually beneficial relationships, can greatly remove your fears and allow you to much more quickly in finding and developing valuable and enjoyable relationships. Learning more specifically how to find that relationship, what to do and how to better communicate and adjust, will greatly increase your chances of adding these very wonderful and life enhancing relationships in your journey through life.    

In my relationship coaching I begin by incorporating happiness concepts into the person’s attitude and approach towards relationships. These include transforming lack and fear based thinking into appreciation, positivism and overall “happy thinking”. I also have the person quickly begin making immediate changes in how they present themselves. Usually a basic “makeover” is required with not only the way a person dresses, but also how they stand, walk, smile and talk etc. As we all know, initial impressions are very important but they have to be followed up with some substance which will be evident with the the more positive, happy and confident person that they are now portraying and becoming. Of course, in a relationship there will be a great deal of communications back and forth- so it’s very important to establish good patterns of effective communication from the beginning as well as developing skills and abilities to adjust as the relationship develops.

I’m not your typical relationship adviser/coach. Although I advise on more typical and traditional type of relationships I also do a lot of coaching on relationships where there are large differences between the partners such as racial and cultural differences as well as large age differences. I often advise in an unorthodox way but with a very pragmatic and logical approach. I cover all areas including the realities of various expectations from both sides concerning finances, sex, treatment and communication with each other etc. (and even making personal contracts of understanding to make sure both are on the same page). This is all done in a very flexible way, and some expectations/understandings are covered a little later, step by step, as the 2 parties are further educated and as they further grow and appreciate each other.

After first quickly maximizing and improving the outward appearance and approach of the person, I also teach what I call “the total package” approach to relationships. In brief, we can’t all be super rich and handsome/beautiful- and even the rich and attractive may lack in other areas including presentation/communication skills etc. (although a lot of this can be taught). So one must thoroughly know all of the positive things they DO HAVE to offer (or can develop) including one’s all important character, and then effectively package and present these as an attractive, overall, “total package”. Also, one must discern what is truly important to the lady or man, and if possible package themselves (or quickly train themselves) in a way to interest that person (and this may include such things as, for example, coaching an older guy on how to be more flexible, fun, maybe even learn a few dance moves etc., or teaching a lady how to present herself in a more attractive, fun and approachable way). I work on both the packaging of my clients as well as quickly training them on areas that can make a major difference in how they are perceived and accepted. As briefly mentioned above, these may begin with relatively simple things such as how to stand more confidently (and posture), walk better, smile and talk more confidently as well as clothing, image and the overall presentation. Of course, although it may take a little longer, a quick get in shape and lose weight program can be very beneficial too (and if my program is followed, it can be done surprisingly quick and easily). I can also tell you some of the easiest places to find a partner and in a minimal amount of time (sometimes getting a date that very day).

​*No matter what your age, shape or other supposed minuses, you can find and make that life changing relationship (or greatly improve the relationship you already have). You’re probably smart, but you’ll be amazed at how insightful and effective my coaching is. I guarantee it.

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Daniel M.

June 2019 (Nevada) After hearing Edward give a short presentation on his Happiness and self-improvement group lessons it piqued my curiosity and got me questioning my latest stalled plans for my own happiness. It was truly a very bad time in my life (I was in despair and depressed) so I knew I had to do something. His short explanation about his group lessons and a brief talk with him afterwards gave me some hope, and he saw things in me that I didn't, and through some group lessons and personal coaching he was definitely able to bring out the best in me. Edward has given me the tools and steered me into a much better direction to build the foundation for a much better life and happier way of thinking no matter what the situation is at the time. In more concrete terms, I am healthier now and so amazingly happy, and even my financial situation has gotten better. With his guidance my life is now on a much better path than it has been in many years and I can't put into words or say enough how thankful I am for the help he has given me in the last few months. If I were you out there reading this, I would strongly recommend that you give him a call and put some trust not only in Edward but also in yourself, and you'll be amazed at the positive changes you can make with his coaching... and it keeps getting better.

Tim N. Colorado

I started personal life coaching with Edward about a year ago. At that time I was really struggling, feeling very down and in particular about a relationship I'd lost and couldn't seem to get past. I hadn't really been confident before either, but I was at a new low on confidence and self-esteem then. I really didn't believe I could ever get a relationship again, and certainly not one nearly as good as I'd had. So my life was pretty much on hold and I was very busy with my job and I wasn't really taking care of my health either.
Edward got me exercising more effectively and eating much more healthily, and I've lost weight and am in great shape now. But the biggest thing was how he was able to motivate me, especially in dating and really increase my confidence and get me to realize and use my strong points. In the beginning he coached me a lot on how to present myself and talk etc. I went from no dates to starting to get dates with woman around my age but that I wasn't necessarily that attracted to, to dating some my age who I was more interested in, and lately with even more confidence I've been able to now actually find and maintain a really great relationship with a much younger, attractive and smart woman. I couldn't have even imagined this before. I am so much happier, healthier and with this great relationship now. Even if you don't think your life can change I strongly recommend you give Edward a try.

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